John Bane, Jr. (Ph.D., Florida State University, 1975) Professor. Research Interests: Dynamics of Gulf Stream; Mesoscale Ocean Dynamics; Aircraft Observation and Analysis Systems.

Richard Luettich, Jr. (Sc.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1987) Professor of Marine Biology.** Research Interests: Coastal and Estuarine Circulation Processes; Storm Surge; Numerical Modeling and Observational Studies; Physical/Biological Couplings; Water Quality.

Wei Mei (Ph.D., University of California-Irvine, 2012) Assistant Professor. Research Interests: Tropical Cyclones; Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions; Atmosphere, Ocean and Climate Dynamics; Global and Regional Climate Variability and Predictability; and Natural Hazards and Risk Assessment.

Johanna Rosman (Ph.D., Stanford University, 2006) Associate Professor.** Research Interest: Shallow Water Physical Oceanography.

Alberto Scotti (Ph.D., Johns Hopkins, 1997) Professor.  Research Interests: Computational and Theoretical Fluid Dynamics; Stratified Flows and Internal Waves; Turbulence and Mixing.

Harvey Seim (Ph.D., University of Washington, 1993) Professor and Department Chair.* Research Interests: Physical Oceanography; Turbulence and Mixing Processes; Internal Hydraulics: Internal Waves; Boundary Layer Processes; Flow Interaction with Topography; Tidal Dynamics; Numerical Modeling.

Brian White (Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2006) Associate Professor.*  Research Interests: Environmental and geophysical fluid dynamics, stratified flows, turbulent mixing, ocean submesoscale dynamics, experimental and computational fluid dynamics.”

Adjunct Professors

Frederick Bingham (Ph.D., University of California, San Diego, 1990) Professor, UNC–Wilmington, Physics and Physical Oceanography#. Research Interests: Circulation and water mass transportation

Jeffrey Hanson (Ph.D., John Hopkins University, 1997) Research Oceanographer, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Duck Field Research Facility. Research Interests: Dynamics and modeling of  surface waves

Note: (**) indicates faculty in residence at the Institute of Marine Sciences in Morehead City; (*) indicates faculty who spend time both at UNC in Chapel Hill and the Institute in Morehead City; (#) identifies faculty holding primary appointments in other departments.