Stephen Fegley

Research Associate Professor, IMS
Phone: (252) 726-6841 ext. 222
Fax: (252) 726-2426
Office: 171 Coker Hall 3431 Arendell Street, Morehead City, NC 28557


Professional Background

Dr. Fegley’s research has focused on shellfish biology, meiofaunal biology, barrier island ecology, and interactions among current flows, sediments, and organisms in shallow water habitats.   Much of his work employs experimental field studies.  He uses traditional parametric statistics (ANOVA and regression), non-linear multidimensional analyses (nMDS), and spatial statistics in his research.  How management agencies, political organizations, and resource user groups acquire and use scientific information has been of subject of interest to him as well.

Recent research projects include:

  1. Determining procedures to enhance the recovery of bay scallop (Argopecten irradians) populations using natural recruitment .
  2. Examining the effects of human activities (e.g., off-road vehicle traffic, nourishment and dredge spoil disposal) on North Carolina beaches.
  3. Exploring the role that meiofauna play in top-down control of microbial communities
  4. Uncovering spatial and temporal patterns in historical data for oyster (Crassostrea virginica) recruitment and abundance.
  5. Quantifying regional recruitment patterns of soft-shell clams (Mya arenaria) in coastal Maine.

Please contact Dr. Fegley if you would like to learn more about the research he is conducting.