Johanna Rosman


rosman_photoResearch Associate Professor, IMS
Phone: (252) 726-6841 ext.224
Fax: (252) 726-2426
Office: 112 Coker Hall 3431 Arendell Street Morehead City, NC 28557


Professional Background

Dr. Rosman’s research area is shallow water physical oceanography. She is primarily interested in fluid mechanics at scales of centimeters to kilometers in estuaries and the coastal ocean, and implications for biological processes. Her most recent research combines field measurements, numerical modeling, and theoretical analyses to address questions within two main themes:

  • Interactions between complex biological structures (e.g., coral reefs) and ocean currents and waves. In these types of communities, foundation species exert forces on the flow and modify mixing rates, altering physical and biological processes at scales ranging from individual organisms to entire reefs.
  • Turbulent mixing in shallow systems where the water column is density-stratified and the effects of surface waves can be felt over most or all of the water column, and its effects on vertical distributions of dissolved and particulate materials (e.g., oxygen, phytoplankton).

Recent research projects

  • Relating topographic complexity and circulation patterns on coral reefs from colony scales to reef scales
  • Using computer simulations to improve methods for measuring turbulence in shallow water
  • Understanding and quantifying mixing in a strongly-stratified wind-driven estuary

CV of Johanna Rosman