Conrad Neumann

Professor Emeritus

Professional Background

Dr. Neumann conducts research on the deposition of modern carbonate sediments in the lagoons, margins, and deep flanks of limestone platforms in the Florida-Bahama region and uses his findings to reconstruct the histories of ancient limestones and draw inferences about sea level fluctuations and climate change over geologic time. Recent research projects have focused on:

  • understanding the dynamics of carbonate deposition on open ramps and enclosed lagoons
  • studying deep, subphotic biohermal mounds on the flanks of carbonate platforms
  • studying hypersaline stromatolites in San Salvador, Bahamas
  • examining and interpreting evidence found in the Bahama Banks indicative of rapid sea level change and climatic instability during the late Pleistocene.

These projects have been supported by NSF and NOAA. Dr. Neumann holds a joint appointment in the Department of Geology