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Spring 2016 Seminars

Michelle Brodeur (Defense)
Interspecific Competition and Predation Control Euhaline Oyster Reef Distribution

Fri, Jun 3
Bryce Van Dam (Defense)
Carbon Dynamics Across the Fresh-Marine Continuum

Tue, May 24
Jie Gao
Parameterization of Surface Wind Stress under Tropical Cyclones

Tue, May 10
UNC Marine Sciences – Student Research Seminar

Alison Taylor, UNC-W
Cell Biology of Coccolithophores: Insights into Calcification, Physiology, and Ecology

Wed, Apr 27
John Gunnell (Defense)
Surveying Reservoirs of the U.S. Piedmont for Records of Sediment Yield Response to Urbanization from the Mid-20th Century to Present

Mon, Apr 25
Emily Hall, MOTE (Gussenhoven Speaker)
From HABs to Coral: Our Changing Climate

Wed, Apr 20
Martin Benavides
Out of sight, out of mind: Effects and effectiveness of chemical dispersants employed in the Deepwater Horizon oil spill cleanup

Mon, Apr 18
UNC Marine Sciences – Student Interdisciplinary Seminar

Niels Lindquist, IMS, UNC-CH
Applying Fundamentals of Oyster Ecology to Habitat Management, Restoration, Aquaculture and Economic Opportunity

Wed, Apr 13
Si Chen
The Thickness Distribution of Sea Ice

Mon, Apr 11
UNC Marine Sciences – Student Interdisciplinary Seminar

Curtis Deutsch, University of Washington
The role of phytoplankton size in the biological pump and its response to climate warming

Wed, Apr 6
Megan Schutt (Defense)
A validation of stability based estimates of North Carolina's offshore wind resource using a nested boundary layer method

Mon, Apr 4
Xiaoming Liu
Elemental ratios in marine carbonates as tracers of Earth's O2 evolution?

Wed, Mar 30
Andrew Ashton, WHOI
Climate Change, Coastal Change: Shoreline shaping by waves and coastal landform response to sea-level rise

Mon, Mar 28
Alex Hounshell
Using fluorescence to determine dissolved and particulate organic matter dynamics in aquatic systems

Wed, Mar 23
UNC Marine Sciences – Student Research Seminar

Dr. Christina Patricola, Texas A&M
Oceanic and Atmospheric Controls on Tropical Cyclone Activity

Mon, Mar 21
Ashley Smyth, Virinia Institute of Marine Science, William & Mary
Are microbes the answer to our pollution problems? Effects of microbial community structure and function on plastic and nutrient pollution

Wed, Mar 9
Kelsey Jesser (Dissertation Proposal)
Novel Approaches for the Detection of Vibrio in Marine Waters and Shellfish

Mon, Mar 7
Wei Mei, UC San Diego
Ocean Influences on Tropical Cyclones

Mon, Mar 7
Anna Jalowska (Defense)
response of river coastal margins to human induced variations in sediment supply and accelerated sea-level rise

Wed, Mar 2
Carter Smith
Can ecosystem-friendly engineering ensure a brighter future for NC fisheries?

Mon, Feb 29
UNC Marine Sciences – Student Research Seminar

Fernando Lima, CBIO, University of Porto, Portugal
Understand the mchanistic link between environmental heterogeneity and physiology to forecast the effects of climate change at continental scales

Wed, Feb 17
Jason Green and Katharine DeVilbiss, NC Division of Water Resources
To Solarbee or not to Solarbee - that is the question

Wed, Feb 10
Weida Gong
Molecular insights into spatiotemporal variations and bloom dynamics in phytoplankton in the Neuse River Estuary

Mon, Feb 8
UNC Marine Sciences – Student Research Seminar

Yizhen Li, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Processes regulating formation of low-salinity high-biomass lenses near the edge of the Ross Ice Shelf

Wed, Feb 3
Stanley Riggs, ECU
North Carolina's Coastal System: An Incredible Record of Dynamic Climate Change

Wed, Jan 27
Cameron Thrash, LSU
Hunting Microbes in the Northern Gulf of Mexico: A Cultivation-Based Approach

Wed, Jan 20