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Fall 2017 Seminars

Jim Hench, DUML
Wave-driven flow over coral reefs

Wed, Dec 6
Andrew Hyde
Putting Orca Basin on the map: Characterizing the bacterial community in the world’s largest deep sea brine pool

Wed, Dec 6
UNC Marine Sciences – Student Thesis Defense

Saulo Mendes
Sedimentary Response to Extreme Geophysical Events

Mon, Dec 4
UNC Marine Sciences – Student Interdisciplinary Seminar

Ryan Paerl, NCSU
Back to the Future: Revisiting vitamin B1 auxotrophy and growth limitation in marine plankton

Wed, Nov 29
Laura Fisch
ENSO’s far reaching effects cascade through the trophic levels of the U.S. west coast

Mon, Nov 27
UNC Marine Sciences – Student Interdisciplinary Seminar

Lauren Speare
Impact of ocean acidification on Blue Mussel immune defense mechanisms

Mon, Nov 20
UNC Marine Sciences – Student Interdisciplinary Seminar

Ruoying He, NCSU
Mesoscale and submesoscale mechanisms behind asymmetric cooling and phytoplankton bloom induced by hurricanes

Wed, Nov 15
Anna Atencio
Working better together or apart? Variations in sediment accumulation rates among salt-marsh and intertidal oyster-reef landscapes

Mon, Nov 13
UNC Marine Sciences – Student Research Seminar

Danielle Dixson, University of Delaware
Smelling your way home: The importance of chemically mediated behavior in effective marine management

Wed, Nov 8
John Paul Balmonte
Microbial community composition, extracellular enzymatic activities, and structure-function relationships in the central Arctic Ocean, a high-latitude fjord, and the North Atlantic Ocean

Mon, Nov 6
UNC Marine Sciences – Student Dissertation Defense

Amala Mahadevan, WHOI
How submesoscale processes mediate phytoplankton blooms

Wed, Nov 1
Antonio Rodriguez, UNC Institute of Marine Sciences
Impacts of Accelerated Sea-Level Rise, Storms, and Development on Barrier-Island Landscapes and Carbon Reservoirs

Wed, Oct 25
Jessica Smith
Probabilistic Track Generation for Use in Storm Surge Prediction

Tue, Oct 24
UNC Marine Sciences – Student Thesis Defense

Maxwell Tice-Lewis
When invasion becomes range expansion: Carcinus maenas on the Pacific coast of North America

Mon, Oct 16
UNC Marine Sciences – Student Interdisciplinary Seminar

John Kessler, University of Rochester
The Briny Blue Bubble Bender: Investigations of the chemical and isotopic kinetics of aerobic methane oxidation

Wed, Oct 11
Anna Atencio
How volcanic eruptions affect ocean circulation on decadal timescales

Mon, Oct 9
UNC Marine Sciences – Student Interdisciplinary Seminar

Manual Kleiner, NCSU Department of Plant and Microbial Biology
Assessing metabolism and interspecies interactions in microbial symbioses and microbial communities via metaproteomics

Wed, Oct 4
Roger Braakman, MIT
Metabolic Evolution and the Self-Organization of the Biosphere

Wed, Sep 27
Barbara MacGregor, UNC-CH Marine Sciences Dept.
Building Bacteria: Central vacuoles and nitrate respiration pathways in the large sulfur bacteria

Wed, Sep 20
Carol Arnosti, UNC-CH Marine Sciences
Catalysts of the Carbon Cycle: Microbially-driven Carbon Cycling in the Ocean

Wed, Sep 13
Andreas Teske, UNC-CH Marine Sciences
Exploring hot spots and cold seeps on the ridge flanks of Guaymas Basin

Wed, Sep 6
Alexandria Hounshell
Tracking the sources and fates of fluorescent organic matter in the eutrophic, anthropogenically impacted Neuse River Estuary, NC

Wed, Sep 6
UNC Marine Sciences – Student Proposal Defense

Mike Kingsford, JCU
Connectivity among populations -the never ending story?

Mon, Aug 28
Justin Hart
Quantifying sources of fecal contamination in a coastal system with complex stormwater dynamics

Wed, Jul 12
UNC Marine Sciences – Student Thesis Defense