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Fall 2016 Seminars

Greg Sorg
Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost: Use of Chemical and Acoustic Cues to Navigate Estuarine Environments

Mon, Dec 5
UNC Marine Sciences – Student Interdisciplinary Seminar

Arnoldo Valle-Levinson, UFL Dept. of Civil and Coastal Engineering
Sea-level rise hot spots along the U.S. Atlantic coast

Wed, Nov 30
Constance Rogers-Lowery, Catawba College
Effects of Ocean Acidification on Early Life Stages of Coral

Wed, Nov 9
Charlie Deaton
Bistability and resilience in coupled bio-geomorphic coastal systems

Mon, Nov 7
UNC Marine Sciences – Student Interdisciplinary Seminar

Dustin Kemp, UAB Dept. of Biology
Modern challenges for coral reefs: Functional traits and genetic diversity of Indo-Pacific and Caribbean coral

Wed, Oct 26
Jess Smith
Probabilistic Track Generation for Storm Surge Prediction

Mon, Oct 17
UNC Marine Sciences – Student Research Seminar

Suzanna Brauer, Appalachian State University
Flipping the switch: Peatland warming triggers accelerated carbon degradation, altered methane dynamics, and reverse ecological succession

Wed, Oct 12
Rob Lampe
Phytoplankton Thin Layers

Mon, Oct 10
UNC Marine Sciences – Student Interdisciplinary Seminar

Erik Zettler, Sea Education Association (SEA)
Diversity & Function of the Marine “Plastisphere” Community

Wed, Oct 5
Kathleen Onorevole
Restoration of estuarine habitats supports changes in N cycling and removal over time

Mon, Oct 3
UNC Marine Sciences – Student Thesis Defense

David DeMaster, NCSU Dept. of Marine, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Climate Change in High Latitudes: Benthic Responses and Labile Carbon Inventories under Collapsed Ice Shelves

Wed, Sep 28
JP Rippe
Assessing Historical Growth and Connectivity of Coral Reefs at Multiple Scales Throughout the Caribbean Basin

Mon, Sep 26
UNC Marine Sciences – Student Research Seminar

Barbara MacGregor, UNC-CH Dept. of Marine Sciences
Multiplication is vexation: A genomic perspective on DNA replication and cell division in the large sulfur bacteria

Wed, Sep 21
Eva Kanso, USC Dept. of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Ciliary flows actively filter symbiotic bacteria

Wed, Sep 14
John Bane, UNC-CH Dept. of Marine Sciences
Alternative Energy from Ocean Currents

Wed, Sep 7
Scott Ensign, Aquatic Analysis and Consulting, LLC
Three Scales of Environmental Research: How Our Science Leads to Real-World Solutions

Wed, Aug 31