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Fall 2015 Seminars

Dr. Laura Miller, UNC Mathematics & Biology
The Fluid Dynamics of Jellyfish Feeding and Swimming

Wed, Dec 2
Jill Arriola
Carbon Burial and Sediment Accretion in Salt Marshes: Local and Regional Perspectives

Mon, Nov 30
UNC Marine Sciences – Student Research Seminar

JP Rippe
he Rise of Slime: Understanding the Dynamics of Jellyfish Blooms

Mon, Nov 23
UNC Marine Sciences – Student Interdisciplinary Seminar

Dr. Jessica Carilli, U of M – Boston
Coral reefs as paleo-recorders of human impacts on coastal environments

Wed, Nov 18
Jessica Smith
Larval Dispersal from Hydrothermal Vents

Mon, Nov 16
UNC Marine Sciences – Student Interdisciplinary Seminar

Dr. Jesse McNinch, Army Corps of Engineers
ENSO variance and cyclone frequency in the North Atlantic: a complex relationship

Wed, Nov 11
Dr. Barbara MacGregor, UNC Marine Sciences
Heptamer repeats in the genomes of giant sulfur bacteria: Where did they come from and what are they doing?

Wed, Nov 4
Molly Bost
Snowball Earth

Mon, Nov 2
UNC Marine Sciences – Student Interdisciplinary Seminar

Dr. Isaac Ginis, University of Rhode Island
Advancing operational hurricane prediction systems through enhanced physics of the air-sea-wave coupling

Wed, Oct 28
Dr. Patricia Tester, NOAA
Ciguatera Fish Poisoning in the Caribbean: What You Should Know Before You Take Your Next Tropical Vacation

Wed, Oct 21
Dr. Steve Skrabal, UNC Wilmington
The Photochemistry of Resuspendable Sediments and Its Importance to the Cycling of Metals, Nutrients, and Algal Toxins in Coastal Waters

Wed, Oct 14
Dr. Sutanu Sarkar, UC San Diego
Internal gravity waves and turbulence at rough, underwater topography

Wed, Oct 7
Dr. Chris Martens, UNC Marine Sciences
Signatures of natural gas seeps in the benthic boundary layer of the deep northern Gulf of Mexico

Wed, Sep 30
Megan Schutt
Impact of stability on the atmospheric boundary layer

Mon, Sep 28
UNC Marine Sciences – Student Research Seminar

Dr. Mikhail Matz, University of Texas at Austin
Extent and evolutionary significance of heritable variation in reef-building corals

Wed, Sep 23
Alex Hounshell
To drill or not to drill? Potential environmental impacts of offshore drilling in North Carolina

Mon, Sep 21
UNC Marine Sciences – Student Interdisciplinary Seminar

Dr. David Johnston, Harvard University
Unlocking the environmental information stored in geological S isotope records

Wed, Sep 16
Dr. Yajuan Lin, Duke University
Mapping the “invisible forest” and its role in carbon cycling in the Southern Ocean

Wed, Sep 9
William Sunda, NOAA
High iron requirements for growth, photosynthesis, and low-light acclimation in the coastal cyanobacterium Synechococcus bacillaris

Wed, Sep 2
Kenneth Kustin, Brandeis University
Vanadium and Iron in Tunicate Blood Cells

Wed, Aug 26
Diego Páez-Rosas, USFQ-GSC and Eduardo Espinoza, Galapagos Marine Reserve
Diego Páez-Rosas: Combining scientific methods with ecological knowledge to understand the effects of environmental changes on marine mammals of Galapagos Islands Eduardo Espinoza: Monitoring, conservation and management of the biodiveristy in the Galapagos Marine Reserve

Wed, Aug 19