OMG! Arnosti Lab gears up for Organic-Microbial Gatherings to explore carbon cycling in the North Atlantic

Throughout the world’s oceans, bacteria are constantly working to degrade organic matter generated by phytoplankton and other organisms. To do this, they use enzymes to convert detritus into smaller and more “available” forms, i.e., usable food that can be further … Continued

photo of UNC Marine Sciences graduate student Alexandria Hounshell

Graduate student Alexandria Hounshell receives Impact Award for her research on North Carolina coast

Alexandria Hounshell, Marine Sciences Graduate student has been awarded the Graduate Education Advancement Board Impact Award for her research on algal growth in the Neuse River. Tracking Elusive Nutrient Sources for Algal Growth in the Neuse River Estuary North Carolina’s lakes, … Continued

Marine Microbiologist Andreas Teske PhD Marine Sciences faculty member with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on his 2016 research expedition to Guaymas Basin in the Gulf of California

UNC Marine Sciences Professor co-authors study on the metabolic pathways of oil-degrading bacteria

Marine Sciences Professor, Andres Teske, co-authored a study with UT Austin and Scottish collaborators for the Gulf of Mexico Research Institute on the metabolic pathways of oil-degrading bacteria. There is an interesting nature to the study they are conducting, Andreas … Continued

Photo of Kicker Rock in the Galapagos Islands by Caitlin Moffat

Marine Sciences in the Galápagos

The highlights and experiences of Caitlin’s trip to the Galápagos as part of a Marine Sciences experiential learning summer course can be read in the blog post below: As we boarded the plane to the Galápagos, known by locals as the “mosquito” for its small … Continued

Sara Davies was a Postdoctoral Researcher at UNC-CH Department of Marine Sciences before she left to begin a new chapter as a professor of biology at Boston University.

Former UNC Marine Sciences Post-Doc publishes paper on corals in the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary

Before departing to her new residency as a professor of biology at Boston University, Dr. Sarah W. Davies was the lead author of a paper published on the settlement responses of corals in the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary … Continued

Zena Cardman is a UNC Marine Sciences graduate and former Teske Lab member who is now part of incoming class of new NASA astronaut candidates

UNC Marine Sciences graduate in new class of NASA astronauts

Newly minted NASA astronaut candidate and UNC Marine Sciences graduate Zena Cardman remarks on her time at UNC, as a member of the (Andreas) Teske Lab and the path from the University of North Carolina to the National Aeronautics and … Continued

Pettay Palau Reef - why coral reefs matter blog

Why reefs matter

Title: Why reefs matter no matter where you live Author: Justin Baumann You’ve probably heard that coral reefs are in worldwide decline. If you read this blog that probably matters to you intrinsically, which is great. But what if you were … Continued

Weida Gong collects a water sample for sequencing from the Neuse River. Photo by Mary Lide Parker

New technique of comparative metatranscriptomics improves understanding of algal blooms

UNC Department of Marine Sciences graduate student Weida Gong along with coauthors Jamie Browne, Nathan Hall, David Schruth, Hans Pearl and Adrian Marchetti have published a study in the ISME Journal. The study explores combining traditional methods with molecular approaches … Continued