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Dr. Piehler to lead the UNC Sustainability Commission

On April 22nd the Chancellor announced that Dr. Piehler will be leading the UNC Sustainability Commission. The goal of the Sustainability Commission is to align sustainability efforts across UNC and support the Three Zeros Initiative. To read more about this … Continued

UNC Marine Sciences faculty member, Professor Michael "Mike" Piehler

IMS/MASC/E3P staff featured in The Well

In an article by The Well about Virtual Defenses Dr. Shelby Ziegler (E3P),  Owen Mulvey-McFerron (IMS/MASC), and Dr. Michael Piehler (MASC/E3P) are featured in the article. To read about what people are doing during this time follow the link

UNC Marine Sciences graduate student and Noble lab member, Kelsey Jesser

Three MASC/E3P Graduate Students awarded the Impact and Horizon awards

Three MASC/E3P Graduate Students awarded the Impact and Horizon awards; Dr. Kelsey Jesser, Dr. Matt Kenworthy, and Dr. Shelby Ziegler!   These awards are given in recognition of graduate student research at UNC that is deemed most impactful for our … Continued

UNC Marine Sciences faculty member, Associate Professor F. Joel Fodrie

Deepwater Horizon 10 Years Later: Dr. Fodrie featured in The Conversation

April 20th marks the 10-year anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. Dr. Joel Fodrie wrote a piece for The Conversation about the coastal fish populations that were affected by the oil spill. To read about these fish populations follow … Continued

Photo of Malcolm Barnard a graduate student at UNC Chapel Hill Marine Sciences Program and a member of the Paerl lab

Two IMS Students continue studies despite outbreak

Carteret County News-Times has published an article featuring IMS students Dr. Shelby Ziegler and Malcolm Barnard on their efforts to continue their studies at home during the outbreak. To read about their study continuation follow the link

Mollie Yacano is a graduate student within UNC's Department of Marine Sciences located at UNC's Institute of Marine Sciences and a member of the Piehler lab

Two IMS/MASC students featured in American Scientist

A piece out in today’s American Scientist on the #VirtualDefense phenomenon features Sarah Donaher (recent MASC master’s student) and Mollie Yacano (MASC Ph.D. candidate), as well as Sarah Jacobson from the Graduate School. To read the article visit

UNC Marine Sciences faculty member, Professor Rachel Noble

Dr. Rachel Noble interviewed by the Mayor of Beaufort, NC

Dr. Rachel Noble, of IMS, spoke with the Mayor of Beaufort on April 5th, 2020 about SARS-CoV-2 & things people should know about the virus. You can see her interview with the Mayor on the town’s FaceBook page at

photo of Emily Eidam Assistant Professor University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Department of Marine Sciences

Drs. Eidam, Martens and Paerl featured in a article

Dr. Eidam, Dr. Martens and Dr. Paerl are featured in a article. They share tips and tricks from field research in remote locations on how to live in isolation. You can read the full article with their advice at … Continued