Spring 2017 Seminars

Justin Ridge
The influence of sea level on the growth and composition of oyster reefs

Fri, Feb 17
UNC Marine Sciences – Student Dissertation Defense

Xiao Yu, UNC Institute of Marine Sciences
Two-phase approach for sediment transport

Wed, Feb 15
Daphne Klotsa, UNC-CH Dept. of Applied Physical Sciences
Collective behavior of particles and swimmers in fluids at intermediate Reynolds numbers

Wed, Feb 8
Rob Lampe
Investigating distinct strategies by bloom-forming diatoms to frequently-encountered shifts in their environment.

Mon, Feb 6
UNC Marine Sciences – Student Research Seminar

Craig Carlson, UCSB Dept. of Ecology Evolution and Marine Biology
Dissolved Organic Carbon Dynamics, Export & Removal: Insights Gained from Oceanic Transects and Time-Series Programs

Wed, Jan 25
Greg Sorg
Testing the Effectiveness of Alternative Substrates for Subtidal Oyster Reef Construction

Mon, Jan 23
UNC Marine Sciences – Student Research Seminar

Brett Froelich, UNC Institute of Marine Sciences
The Tripartite lifestyle of Vibrio vulnificus

Wed, Jan 18