Forms and FAQ

Attention: If you plan to hire anyone for services/work, (temporary, independent contractor, etc.) you MUST speak to the Department Manager PRIOR to any services/work being performed. Not following this procedure could result in the individual not being able to be paid for their time.

To fill out forms: Right click the form link then “Save As”. Clicking the links only lets you view them. When emailing, make sure to download the form, fill out the form, then save, and attach.



For contact information for individuals please refer to this page.

State/Trust Accounts, Grant Proposals, Human Resources (Faculty & Staff), Time Information Management (TIM), Volunteer or Affiliate Request, Facility Issues & Order, all other business related requests Genesis Gibbs
Student Services, Human Resources (Students ONLY), Classroom Room Reservations, After Hours Building Access, Service Parking Permits Violet Anderson
Grants Management, No Cost Extensions, Amendments & Post Award Elise Richards
Travel Reimbursements & Arrangements, Keys, Vans, Moving Equipment, Reservations, Websites/Social Media, Teleconferencing, Listservers/Email Communication, A/V Equipment, Conference Room Reservations (Murray Hall 3204 or 4204) Brian Pelton
Processing Receipts and (Non-Travel) Reimbursements, P-Card Transactions/Receipts/Sign-out, Vendor Payment, ePro/Procurement/Supplies, Purchase Orders Rachel Hargrave
Computer/Printer Or Other Technical Issues Baskin Cooper


In an effort to provide added cost savings and services to the University, UNC Facilities Services has replaced the Carolina Motor Pool with rental vehicles courtesy of Enterprise Rent-a-Car. Effective August 15, 2016, University faculty and staff needing short-term vehicle rentals should plan to use Enterprise, an approved vendor with the State of North Carolina. Benefits of using Enterprise include competitive rates, the newest makes and models of vehicles, and inclusive auto coverage. All reservations can be booked via the Enterprise UNC partnership website:
A University traveler will be reimbursed ¢53.5 per mile when using their personal vehicle as long as the round trip does not exceed 100 miles per day. If the round trip exceeds 100 miles a state vehicle should be used. If a state vehicle is available and instead a personal vehicle is used than the reimbursed rate is ¢17 per mile (for miles exceeding 100). Travel Reimbursement Form
All receipts should be turned in within 30 days of the time traveled to insure reimbursement.
No, you can only be reimbursed for travel expenses after the travel has occurred. However, the Administrative Office can provide for the purchase of plane tickets, registrations and potential travel advances if notified well in advance of the travel dates. Please contact the Administrative Staff for more information.
The Purchasing Card (or P-Card) is a departmental credit card issued to approved UNC employees and is widely accepted by vendors who support credit card purchases. The purpose of the P-Card is to establish a more convenient, efficient and cost effective method for departments to purchase small dollar goods. Please consult the following list of allowable P-Card charges. Click here for a standard editable P-Card purchasing form.
Common Questions:
Can I pay for travel expenses with a P-Card? No, travel is not allowed on purchasing cards.
A signature is required from the PI that has the grant/trust, or the Department Manager for departmental funds. Any unsigned forms will be returned for signature before being processed.
Yes. Each traveler must provide their own receipts for their travel reimbursement expenses.  If you share a room, each person should ask the hotel for a statement and receipt in that each traveler’s name.  Also, please do not book several rooms under one traveler’s name.  The University’s policies, which are associated with federal policies (when funded by grant sources), are that each individual traveler present their own receipts, in their own name, for reimbursement.


A graduate student must register for 9 credit hours to be full time unless they are re-enrolled in MASC 993 or MASC 994.  These two courses are considered full-time enrollment on their own and students do not need to register for more classes.  If a student would like to register for more hours, they are encouraged to check with their advisors and check their funding sources for any possible restrictions on allowed registration hours.
You should only register for the section number associated with your advisor.  Do not register for a 993 or 994 section that is labeled ‘staff’ unless specifically instructed.
Please contact the student services manager and they will help get the section that you need created in the system.
Please review the type of hold it is.  If the hold is due to past due fees, paying the fees will clear the hold.  A pre-pay hold will require your tuition and fees be paid before you are allowed to register.  If the department is paying your tuition, pay the fees and contact the student services manager to have them pay the tuition portion. For other holds, please contact the specified office to clear the hold.
Drop/Add forms can be obtained from the student services manager. These will require:

  • the student’s signature
  • initials from the instructor
  • an advisor’s signature
  • the appropriate dean’s signature

Graduation and Degree Progress

For a MS, you will need the MA/MS final exam form and the Program Requirement Certification form to graduate. (hyper link)

For a PhD, you will need the PhD final exam form, the Program Requirement Certification form and the Committee composition form.  You will also need to have fixed term appointments for any non-UNC faculty members on your committee. This can be done by sending a CV to the student services manager.

All forms mentioned can also be found on the Graduate School website.

Please contact your student services manager with the date, time and amount of seating you will require.  Also, include any special needs such as video conferencing equipment.
You may defend up until the day before the first day of classes in the next semester and not need to register for the following semester.  For example, if you are registered for the fall semester and want to defend in the fall semester to avoid registering for spring, you can defend up until the first day of classes in the spring semester.
You do not need to be registered in the semester in which you graduate.  You do need to be registered in the semester in which you do your final defense.  For example, if you defend within the fall semester but miss the Dec graduation deadline, you can apply to graduate with an August graduation date but will not need to register in the spring semester as long as you have defended within the fall semester.
You will need to submit a CV to the student services manager.  They will need to create a fixed term appointment for your outside committee member.


An email will go out across the listserv about one month before the end of each semester reminding you to fill out a funding form:

This should be completed and returned to the student services manager by the deadline indicated in the email.  Generally, you should determine your fall funding mid-July, spring funding by early November and summer funding by early April. 

Most RA/TA positions do not pay student fees.  This means you will be responsible for paying them.  There are a few fellowships that will pay your fees and this will be specified in the terms of the fellowship.  Generally speaking, grants do not pay fees.
You can pay these online through your My UNC page.  You may also pay these at the cashier’s office in the SASB building on campus.
Graduate students are paid on a monthly basis. The fall payroll generally goes from August 17th to Dec 31st, spring generally goes from Jan 1st to May 15th and summer goes from May 16th to August 16th. You can find the specific dates under the quick links on the UNC Finance website.
You are not allowed to work any hours before being hired completely through the payroll system.  This includes completing an I9 for payroll.  If you have not completed this step, you MUST not work any hours.


You will need to fill out a form for the GSHIP (RA/TA) insurance.

This should be turned into your student services manager.  They will enroll you in this insurance program.  Enrolling in the mandatory health insurance plan can be done through the Campus Health website.  This must be done each year.

You can do this on the Campus Health Website.  You will need a current (active) insurance policy number in order to waive out.
You may contact BCBS for specific information on your health insurance policy and getting insurance cards.  They can be reached at (919) 967-5900 or
You are covered on your plan from August 1st to July 31st unless you graduate.  Graduating students will have their insurance end along with their enrollment.  For specific dates, contact your student services manager.



Contact: Elise Richards Office: 3202E Phone: (919) 962-0731
During working hours you may contact:

Elise Richards Office: 3202E Phone: (919) 962-0731

Genesis Gibbs Office: 3202D Phone: (919) 966-9256

After hours, call (919) 962-3456. Always inform Genesis of any after hours calls!