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Why reefs matter

Title: Why reefs matter no matter where you live Author: Justin Baumann You’ve probably heard that coral reefs are in worldwide decline. If you read this blog that probably matters to you intrinsically, which is great. But what if you were … Continued

Weida Gong collects a water sample for sequencing from the Neuse River. Photo by Mary Lide Parker

New technique of comparative metatranscriptomics improves understanding of algal blooms

UNC Department of Marine Sciences graduate student Weida Gong along with coauthors Jamie Browne, Nathan Hall, David Schruth, Hans Pearl and Adrian Marchetti have published a study in the ISME Journal. The study explores combining traditional methods with molecular approaches … Continued

Andreas Teske Guaymas Basin 2016 Research Cruise

UNC Professor Andreas Teske leads Guaymas Basin expedition

The objective of the Guaymas Basin expedition is to collect samples – using the deep-sea submersible Alvin – to explore the genomic potential, physiological capabilities and biogeochemical roles of key uncultured microorganisms from Guaymas Basin sediments. The Guaymas Basin is … Continued

APS Gallery of Fluid Motion 2016 Milton van Dyke Award winning poster by Pierre-Yves Passaggia

Pierre-Yves Passaggia receives second Milton van Dyke Award from the Gallery of Fluid Motion

2016 APS/DFD Milton van Dyke Award winning poster presented at the DFD Gallery of Fluid Motion: Turbulent Horizontal Convection at High Prandtl Numbers (P0028)   Ocean circulation is a network of currents that flows around the world. The thermohaline circulation, … Continued

Adam Rok

Marine Science student Adam Rok’s Gulf Research Cruise

Understanding the Gulf Environment: Adam Rok’s Research Expedition This fall I participated in a gulf research cruise as part of the ECOGIG Gulf Ecosystem Research Project. This Mooring and Lander cruise was conducted in the Gulf of Mexico, approximately 130 – 150 miles … Continued

Dr. Carol Arnosti Svalbard Research Cruise

Dr. Arnosti’s Svalbard Research Cruise

Summer 2016 Svalbard Research Cruise by Carol Arnosti, UNC Marine Sciences Professor and Principle Investigator of the Arnosti Lab (Dr. Arnosti’s work focuses mainly within Chemical Oceanography including Microbial Biogeochemistry, Marine Organic Geochemistry; Reactivity of Organic Macromolecules; Role of Bacteria in Degradation) … Continued

Wei Mei Typhoon Intensification Image

Assistant Professor Wei Mei’s new paper on Typhoon Intensity

UNC Marine Sciences Assistant Professor, Wei Mei co-authored a new paper on the increasing intensity of typhoons titled “Intensification of landfalling typhoons over the northwest Pacific since the late 1970s” which was published in the journal Nature Geoscience  9, 753–757 (2016) doi:10.1038/ngeo2792. … Continued

2016 Hurricane Matthew Preparation

How UNC Institute of Marine Science prepares for hurricanes

Hurricane Preparation, Down to a Science by Kathleen Onorevole, UNC Marine Sciences M.S. student in Dr. Michael Piehler’s lab (Kathleen also contributes to the UNC Marine Sciences graduate student blog: As Hurricane Matthew spins toward North Carolina, most UNC employees … Continued